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Daily Message ~ Friday January 26, 2018

Dear Ones, your greatest discomfort will generally come from two things. One is expecting an external to make you whole, which is giving your power away. The other is being in resistance to your Now moment.

Placing your satisfaction or happiness on what another may or may not do, or on any other condition, will keep you in a place of high alert and externally focused. This will result in your feeling great anxiety, fear, and insecurity.

Being in resistance to your Now moment will keep you out of acceptance, the integral aspect required to feel peace, comfort, and satisfaction. The greater your resistance to the Now, the greater will be your discomfort, as the discomfort is designed to be a redirectional tool.

Your soul is always seeking to expand and express itself in its authentic power. If you are feeling upset, dissatisfied, resistant, or in any other way uncomfortable, we advise you first explore how you are not showing up for yourself, and what you can do to shift into giving yourself the care and attention you feel you are missing.

We then ask you to shift into greater acceptance by starting to consciously practice gratitude for what is working in your life. Your gratitude is a powerful feedback tool to the universe, indicating what you would like more of. It is choosing to focus on abundance rather than lack, on the things that are satisfying to you that already exist, which can only create a greater experience of comfort.

Taking it upon yourself to give yourself what you need allows you to shift into the energy you are seeking as a reliable source you can always count on. That combined with your gratitude absolutely saturates you with what you wish to experience more of. It anchors the energy of what you desire which is a powerful way of pre-paving your tomorrows.

Discomfort is a gift, Dear Ones, if you can see it as simply a loving indicator that it is time to redirect into a more empowered space of creation. It is a sign that your approach isn’t in line with what you wish to create and that there are much better available options for you. It is a nudge from the universe that encourages you to move back into the expansion and creation that is your soul’s true, empowered, and preferred means of navigating your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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