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Daily Message ~ Friday January 28, 2022

Today is an unconventional daily message kind of day.

As most of you know, as I came to the ten year anniversary of doing daily messages every day I’ve been reevaluating my service looking to move into a better work/life balance. I wanted to free up my weekends and holidays, so I thought posting excerpts of my book might be a good idea on those days. I quickly discovered that took almost as much time as writing a new message does and it was still working on the weekend. I realize I could write the weekend messages during the week, but that didn’t feel good either because that would just add to my work load during the week.

I’ve just been exploring different approaches and finally found some clarity thanks to an email from a lovely soul named Cora. She wrote that as a reader she would far rather receive messages that were written from a space of “I get to” rather than a space of “I have to”. I’m so grateful that she gave me that message because it gave me the missing piece I just couldn’t identify and it made things crystal clear. Thank you, Cora!

During the week writing the daily messages is definitely a “get to”. The weekends have definitely become “have to”. As so many of the daily messages have discussed, we are evolving beyond the old martyred service paradigm into joyful, supported service. Doing anything from the space of “have to” is definitely martyred service.

Further, that energy would also seep into the messages because they do come through me, and that is likely another reason why the weekend messages don’t get shared as much. I have also felt into what advice would come through if I was reading for someone with the same issue, and it would absolutely be that it is essential to take time for rest and rejuvenation in order to honour yourself and create better balance.

Sooooo, from this point forward there will be new daily messages every week from Monday to Friday and I will be taking weekends and holidays off. If you feel like you need a fix of Gabriel’s energy on those days you can always visit the website at where there are ten years worth of daily messages you can read for free. You can even search the site and bring up messages on certain topics by clicking the magnifying glass and putting key words in the search bar that appears at the top of the page.

Thank you again, to all of you who took the time to reach out and encourage me as I’ve been feeling through all of this. I am so moved by the love, kindness, and support you have shown me.

So for today’s daily message I ask you, what can you let go of in order to move into better balance for yourself? How can you shift your service to include yourself as well? Let’s do this together!

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