Daily Message ~ Friday January 9, 2015

Not everyone is going to understand or support your path. That is okay, Dear Ones, because you already have all the support you require built in, in the form of your internal guidance system, your higher self, your guides and helpers, and the universe itself, that only wishes to support whatever you desire. While we understand it is nice to have the support of those who are physically present, they simply do not have the vantage point of what is right for anyone other than themselves.

What if the greatest artists of your time listened to their critics and stopped painting? What if your great explorers let fear hold them back? What if the great inventors of your time, at a low point, listened to the people who said they were wasting their time? What a different world you would live in!

You all add, each and every one of you, to the beauty and intricacy of your planet by following your own paths, your own passions, your own talents, your own purpose. Your contributions are necessary, and amazing, and offer so much more than you realize. To hold back is to deny yourself and the entire world. ~Archangel Gabriel

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