Daily Message ~ Friday July 14, 2017

Sudden endings mean sudden new beginnings. This can be an indicator that your soul was ready to take a leap into new potentials or onto a new timeline that better honours your expansion, growth, and what your soul wishes to experience.

All movement is forward movement, Dear Ones. If sudden change has come upon you, it is a sign that your highest self has a plan – a wonderful plan that will far better match who you really are and take you to your next greatest expression of self.

This is not just about having faith and trust in the universe. This is about having faith and trust in your soul’s own incredible capability to lead you, guide you, and serve you. ~Archangel Gabriel

Hey everyone! I’ve been having some trouble with my email – apparently I am only getting some messages, so if you have been trying to reach me, please know I am not ignoring you! Sending me a PM through the Trinity Esoterics fb page is probably your best bet right now. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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