Daily Message ~ Friday June 17, 2016


Any imagery that feels loving and good to you can be instrumental in any healing you would like to create for yourself. Many of you would like to release old wounds and attachments to others. Imagine them simply leaving your body, joyfully and easily, up to the heavens to be transmuted. You could see them floating away like balloons, being carried by angels, or flown away with the assistance of doves. Choose whatever feels light and good for you! Know that there is healing for all involved whenever you use this technique.

The same with calling back any wounded aspects of self (soul fragments). Imagine them being delivered back to you, shiny and new, by doves, or angels, or whatever other imagery that feels divinely perfect for you. Feel how those aspects settle into your energy field, and how they shift you into a place of wholeness and peace.

Dear Ones, you are always in charge of your healing and energetics! You are encouraged to choose this or any other healing you might feel inspired to do for yourself with whatever imagery feels right to you. Play with your healing! Make it light and fun. Experiment. Ask to be divinely inspired to what is perfect for you. You are all far more capable healers than you realize, so give yourselves permission to be the captains of your own ships and start to choose the wholeness and wellness that is yours to claim. ~Archangel Gabriel

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