Daily Message ~ Friday June 19, 2015

We understand the past couple of months of your linear time have been challenging for many of you. During such times when the energies are churning things up, it can be difficult to keep your focus. It is easy to get distracted by energies coming up for release, either by you or by others.

Let us reassure you that you do not need 100% compliance with your focus to be successful! Pressuring yourselves during times of pressure really does not accomplish anything other than making you feel more discomfort. Simply surrender back into your true intention if you find yourself getting uncomfortable. Surrender anything that is less than your highest intention, as well, if you become aware of it. Surrender and acceptance are always the antidote to discomfort, Dear Ones.

We love you for your diligence, your commitment and your courage. Remember this does not need to be an unduly difficult process. Trust that the system is helping you continue to evolve into your highest light and truth. Move with the flow, knowing you are loved and assisted through it all, and you will be much more comfortable before you know it. You are all doing a magnificent job. ~Archangel Gabriel

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