Daily Message ~ Friday June 7, 2013

It is common for the ego self, the part of you that seeks to keep you small in order to retain control, to become greatly threatened as a human being begins to enlighten. It will often sabotage those efforts through the use of fear and doubt. If that doesn’t work, the ego will then seek to inject itself into the human’s spirituality.

This will often show itself by pushing one specific brand of spirituality on others, making people of other faiths or ideas wrong, being overly concerned with other people and their growth (“saving” them), becoming consumed with conspiracy theories, endless debating, judging and an attitude of superiority. The spiritual ego will often feed an “us vs them” attitude. As you can see, these behaviours support more separation consciousness and distract the enlightening human being from moving forward on their soul journey into their authentic power and the energies of unconditional love, unity consciousness, acceptance, allowing and BEing.

Spiritual ego is an insidious thing. Every atrocity mankind has inflicted on each other in the name of religion has been the work of the ego masquerading as spirituality. Many human beings have turned away from religion and spirituality for this very reason. It has not every been religion or spirituality itself that has been the problem. It has been the infusion of the ego into the spirituality that has bent and polluted otherwise beautiful teachings.

Spiritual ego spouts its rightness and seeks to control, while authentic spirituality allows others to BE exactly where they are and supports their expansion and evolution in whatever way best suits them. Empowering spirituality honours each soul wherever they may be on their growth journey, understanding wherever that may be is perfect for them. It is uplifting rather than suppressing. It is calm, accepting, open, transparent, true, honest, and of integrity. It celebrates the divinity in each person and seeks to encourage the authentic power of all involved. ~Archangel Gabriel

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