Daily Message ~ Friday March 11, 2016

Dear Ones, you could make your lives so much smoother and easier if you would simply move with whatever energy is being supported at any given time. You accomplish this by being fully present and aware, and surrendering into the flow of your day. If the actions you are trying to take are not coming together with ease, you can simply readjust and understand that rest and quieter activities are what are required now. If everything is accelerated and moving well, it is a time of action and harness that momentum!

If a person is being resistant to you, it may be time to love them unconditionally from afar. If they are open and loving, it is time to enjoy their company in the physical. This innate understanding of how to connect will become more and more important as people start to move into divine partnerships. Do you see? The old model might suggest you give or withdraw love based on result. The new way makes love a constant, and allows you to love wholeheartedly in whatever way is being supported.

There is always, always, a greater purpose to the energies you are being presented with at any given time. The path of grace and ease comes from moving mindfully and intuitively with the energies. It is time to release the old ways of efforting, resisting, and pushing against the flow, once and for all, for what is presenting is always exactly what you need to sustain and support you for your highest results. ~Archangel Gabriel

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