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Daily Message ~ Friday March 11, 2022

Many of you have noticed that when you go through a leap of growth things can feel more challenging between you and your loved ones. We would like to offer you a new perspective on why that occurs.

Almost all enlightening human beings have had other lifetime experiences where embracing their spirituality or authenticity has resulted in them being shunned, punished, persecuted, or killed. While you are absolutely safe to explore those areas now, feeling judgment or a lack of acceptance from those around you can trigger the memory of those old wounds and make you fear similar things.

For your loved ones, your growth and expansion can trigger fears of separation. On a deep level they are afraid that they will be left behind if you continue to evolve. This can cause them to be resistant to your beliefs and to be unusually reactive.

What is interesting is it is the same wound that is triggered in you both – a fear of separation and abandonment. The key to healing this is twofold. First, reassure the other that growth and evolution is safe and will serve everyone involved. Let them know that the love you have for them is a constant.

Second, it can be very helpful to find activities you both enjoy that put you on the same energetic page. Meditating together can be a wonderful way to connect in a safe energetic space. If your partner is not spiritually minded, find an activity you can engage in together that inspires presence and a positive shared experience. You might go for a hike, or take in a show, or visit a beach if you are in a climate that supports that. Salt water is an excellent energetic cleanser and can help everyone feel much more comfortable.

The key is creating space that allows you to both be fully present and open to each other. This will act as both reassurance and a stabilization point for your relationship as you continue to grow and evolve. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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