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Daily Message ~ Friday November 26, 2021

In your twin flame or soul connection relationships, you experience the deepest moments of connection when a window opens and you are both in a space of non-resistance. The greater the non-resistance, the deeper the connection can be felt.

That is why your own personal practice of acceptance – acceptance for the connection that exists, no matter what stage of togetherness you may be experiencing, is essential. Your acceptance creates stability and acts as an anchor point. It creates a space of safe attachment and an open invitation to come in without attempting to force the flow or push the other before they are ready.

As the other realizes they can come in or leave based on whatever their energetic needs may be, not only do you take the pressure off them, you actually minimize the frequency and length of separations because you are no longer adding to the energy that creates separations yourself. It pulls you out of the runner/chaser dynamic into constancy. And because you are using the power tool of acceptance, you are then available for your own growth and evolution, which also serves your union.

Simply put, acceptance allows you to hold the space for the highest outcome for all, and that is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give another. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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