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Daily Message ~ Friday November 8, 2019

Today is another one of those not a regular daily message kind of days. :)

Years ago I had received a channel from Gabriel about the energies being much like rapids. He’s been giving me that same imagery the past couple of days in regard to the energies we are experiencing right now.

When we enter rapids, we can feel pummelled from all sides. Our main focus becomes keeping our balance and not falling out of the boat. We can paddle in the direction we think we should be going but it really doesn’t do much because the force of the flow is too strong.  We can feel anxious or thrilled depending upon how much we embrace adventure, or maybe a bit of both!

You can’t really manifest in this type of energy because it is just too choppy. What is a match one second, might not be a match at all in the next. All you can do is just surrender to where the flow is taking you with self care as a priority. It is during such times you can feel like you don’t know anything at all. All you know for sure is what is right in front of you.

While rapids can be intense, and exhausting, they do end, and when they do the flow becomes a lot smoother and has very fast forward movement. That turbulence has created energy that helps launch you forward. You can get your bearings as you start to be able to see what it looks like from the other side of where you’ve just come. You can catch your breath again, and realize that you have made huge progress and have entered a brand new stage of your journey.

A great deal is coming up for us as we head into 2020. So much is being churned up for us to examine, further defining our truth and directing us into the next phase of our adventure. You are in times of accelerated forward movement that will include both periods of turbulence as well as smoother flow.

Some of us are more adept at moving with the flow than others. Some will throw their hands up in the air and embrace the ride. Others may be attempting to paddle like mad against the rapids. And as sensitives, you may very well feel their anxiety even if you are in a surrendered state, yourself.

This is all part of the movement we’ve been yearning for. Trust in the incredible efficiency of it all, and know that your beingness is a boat you simply can’t be thrown out of. All we must do is move with what is being supported with our faith, trust, and self love, one now moment at a time, secure in our readiness for it all. ~A blend of Archangel Gabriel and Shelley Young

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