Daily Message ~ Friday September 16, 2016


When you are in resistance, you are choosing to energetically align with what is unwanted. Why not surrender it to Source? Why not pass it off to your guides and helpers to take care of for you and then place your focus on forward movement into a new energetic layer that contains what you truly wish to experience?

Resistance is like fighting against quicksand. It only digs you deeper, and gets you more frustrated, and ultimately exhausted. When you stop fighting is when you are finally able to be extricated from that energy. Isn’t it time to reach for the rope that pulls you to freedom?

Isn’t it time to surrender into new possibilities that better match what you really want and who you really are? Isn’t it time to use your wonderful focus for creation and the experience of what you desire and deserve? Isn’t it time to thrive in new and empowered ways? ~Archangel Gabriel

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