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Daily Message ~ Friday September 17, 2021

Many of you are currently reporting a lack of joy or activities that hold your interest. Dear Ones, rest assured you did not travel all this way on your spiritual journey just to lose your joy. If you feel you are lacking activities that bring you joy, the likely reason for that is you are currently on the bridge between the old and the new.

Unless you are a human being that really loves bridges, the experience of being on a bridge can feel like a state of suspended animation. You are betwixt and between. You can enjoy the view, yet you really aren’t having a tangible experience of any of the areas you are travelling over. You have left the old behind and haven’t quite arrived to explore your desired destination. You may lack inspiration to do anything because part of you knows bridges are for travelling between one area and another, not for stopping and creating anything new.

So what do you do if you are currently on the 4D bridge that runs between 3D and 5D? Exactly what you would do if you are on an actual bridge. Enjoy the view that comes from a higher perspective. Stay in the now moment. Look for moments of magic and beauty but know they are going to be fleeting and that’s ok. Make yourself as comfortable as you can and enjoy the ride. Savour the excitement and anticipation that comes from getting closer to your destination and take advantage of the time you have to prepare for the new.

And most of all, know that bridges have a beginning and end and it has never been the plan for you to be perpetually stuck between two worlds. In fact, the purpose of a bridge is to help you over obstacles so you can safely arrive in your new destination. This phase shall pass and before you know it you will be fully landed in the new where your truest creations and discoveries can be made, and along with them, the joy of engagement you’ve been missing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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