Daily Message ~ Monday April 22, 2013

Many enlightening human beings are continuing to work on their relationship with monetary abundance. This is another level of mastery you are on earth to experience as creators of the New Earth. You have all had lifetimes of selfless service where you believed spirituality and poverty went hand in hand. You have all also experienced egotistical materialism that was used to separate the haves from the have nots, and was a false means of defining success with little to no concern for your fellow man. You are on the planet to create the new mindful model of monetary abundance – giving yourselves permission to live comfortably and have all your needs met while still holding love and concern for the whole and a clear connection to Source. It is about finding the balance between the two extremes and allowing yourselves to express yourselves as the co-creators you really are, while keeping your spiritual connectedness at the forefront of all your decisions. Mindful monetary mastery. Another wonderful discovery for the human beings of light to make, energetically anchor and lead by. ~Archangel Gabriel

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