kids playing tug of war trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday August 1, 2022

Resistance is the decision to engage with an unwanted energy in a way that doesn’t allow much forward movement towards what you truly prefer. Feel into the energy of resistance. At best it feels oppositional, stuck, immoveable, or like tug of war energy. At worst, it becomes triggering and digs you deeper into energies that are not your preference.

Acceptance is choosing to acknowledge an unwanted energy exists in a way that also allows you to explore why it is there and to flow beyond it.

Resistance is like petitioning to close a buffet because it has onions and you don’t like onions. Other people might get mad because they love onions and they want them as an option at the buffet. Both sides might become so consumed with the fight that nobody receives the sustenance they were looking for!

Acceptance is seeing there is a food option at the buffet you don’t care for and knowing you can choose to not put it on your plate and keep moving toward your preferences. You also understand that the option that is not your preference may serve someone else well. It is peaceful forward movement while honouring the choices of all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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