Daily Message ~ Monday August 15, 2016


Many of you understand the concept of having soul contracts between you and others, but did you know you can also have soul contracts with the earth? Your planet is a living being, and many of you have contracts with the earth to energetically support certain areas. If you have been wanting to move but haven’t been able to no matter what you do, it is likely that you are in a soul contract that isn’t complete yet. As soon as the contract is fulfilled, you will be swept along to your next locale, swiftly and easily, to start your next grand adventure.

While we understand it may feel long and arduous to you right now, from a soul perspective you are extremely satisfied with your service and dedication to honouring your commitment. You will be happy to know that for a great many of you that phase is drawing to an end, and you will be released from that area and moving on to fresh vistas and forms of service that will be exciting and new. ~Archangel Gabriel

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