Daily Message ~ Monday August 3, 2020

Many human beings think they have to wait for things to be ideal in order to fully practice gratitude. They do not wish to energetically lock in anything that is undesirable.

Dear Ones, please hear us when we say that gratitude is an energetic sorting tool and a means of steering your flow. You do not need to fear that you are settling for anything less than what you want or deserve in your life if you practice gratitude for where you are.

You are beings of perpetual growth and expansion, first and foremost. Your gratitude is expressing what is in resonance with you and what you wish to use your focus to water and grow which supports your movement and expansion. It is wisely acknowledging the many ways you are provided for and your ability to co-create with a universe that simply wishes to follow your lead and love you forward. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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