Daily Message ~ Monday February 11, 2013

Do you feel that if something appears to be incredibly wonderful, it is too good to be true?  Are you afraid to really believe in something because you don’t want to jinx it?  Many of you have done an enormous amount of work on yourselves.  You have cleansed and purged, healed and released and worked hard to step into a much more authentic, empowered version of self.  You have evolved! Dear Ones, when you are consciously working on yourselves like that, you will only draw to you things that are better and better. Yet many of you have done mountains of work and then are too afraid to accept your just rewards.  If something arrives in your life and feels incredibly wonderful, it is because YOU are incredibly wonderful!  Release those self limiting caps and recognize you are in brand new energies filled with limitless potential. ~Archangel Gabriel

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