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Daily Message ~ Monday February 12, 2018

So many of you are concerned with where you are experiencing blockages in your lives. We understand that if you have belief systems that are not in line with what you would like to create, it can be difficult to identify them as they often come from conditioning you have had your entire lives. They feel normal to you because they have been there for so long. We would like to suggest a technique for you today that may help you identify where you have limiting belief systems.

When you have some time to yourself, we recommend sitting down and writing out a letter outlining your frustration in your life. Write it from the heart, allowing your emotions to pour out. Don’t be concerned with the language you use or your spelling or grammar. This is an exercise of just allowing those feelings and frustrations to flow in a pure and unencumbered way. This is an act of honouring the part of you that is confused and feeling powerless.

Then we suggest that you put the letter aside and do something that gets you into a better space of alignment. You may wish to walk in nature, spend time in an activity you enjoy, meditate, pray, or whatever else helps you feel good.

There is no rush, but whenever you are in a better feeling space, revisit your letter and read it as if someone else wrote it. This is not about making your feelings or anything about your letter wrong! You are not there to judge the letter, rather to simply examine it from a different perspective.

As you read it through, ask yourself if the belief systems that come through are really true. Why did you feel that way? Were you taught things that aren’t in line with what you wish to create? Is the part of you who wrote the letter empowered or afraid? How can you step in and help that part of you that is feeling so much frustration and pain?

Language can indicate limiting declarations of self or old soul contracts. Ask yourself if the statements are true. The universe will always agree with what you declare to be true for you. Are the statements you’ve written what you want the universe to say yes to? Can you shift your focus to where you wish to go?

What new approaches can you create that honour who you are and what you want and deserve to experience? How can you rewrite old soul contracts (vows or declarations that are disempowering) into new positive affirmations that better match what you truly want? An example of this might be rewriting “I will never trust again” to the far more empowering “I trust wisely and with discernment”.

Most of your letter may express the idea that you are separate in some way and forced to navigate life alone or without support. How can you shift that belief into accepting the love and support of Source and an entire universe that wants to help you?

You may wish to examine your letter for several days. Pay attention to how it may trigger you. Really feel into where it is most energetically charged. How can you show up for that part of you? How can you offer the love, support, and redirection you are desperately needing? In no way is this exercise an excuse to beat yourself up. This is a wonderful opportunity to make new discoveries about yourself so you can show up and support yourself with greater love and understanding.

Once you have gleaned all that you can from your letter, and met that part of you with your love and compassion, you can make a ceremony of letting the letter go. You may wish to burn it, or whatever other activity feels right to you to release it and all the frustration and confusion with it.

Do you see what you have done? You have written a letter from your lower self to your higher self, from the part of you that experiences itself as separate to the part of you that is always connected, to receive your own divine guidance. You may even wish to write a letter back to your lower self from your higher self!

Thank yourself for being so brave and honest, and for showing up for yourself so lovingly and with so much understanding and wisdom, and you will be ready to move forward in a much more empowered and congruent way that is so much better able to get you where you’ve been wanting to go all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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