Daily Message ~ Monday February 15, 2016

Dear Ones, if you run into a situation that the energies are very obviously not supporting, it is simply a means of redirection for you. It does not mean that you cannot effectively create, or that the universe is out to get you, or any of the other things you can reactively tell yourselves. It just means that you cannot get to your desired goal that way.

Let us give you an analogy that will make this very easy to understand. If you were in a maze, trying to get to the surprise at the end of it, you would not fall into despair the first dead end you experienced. You would not stand there and continue to push against a wall that would not budge. You would not crumple to the ground in despair. You would simply realize that was not the way to get to what you desired and you would redirect and keep moving. While it may have been momentarily frustrating, you realize it was not personal at all, and through the realization that was not the right way, you can then move in a direction that will support your desired end result.

You could make your life experience so much easier by adopting this approach! Your highest self, your guides, the entire universe, are all helping you get where you wish to be by lovingly not offering support to what cannot get you there. If you understand that, you can start to have fun, to enjoy the unfoldment, knowing each time you are turned around you are pointed in the right direction of the next phase of your journey, and embrace the divine perfection of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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