Daily Message ~ Monday January 11, 2021

Practicing forgiveness for yourself is so important in order for you to be able to move forward in the full embrace of who you truly are today. If you have behaved in a manner that you have trouble forgiving yourself for, we recommend the following:

First, look back and observe what was going on with you at that time. What needs did you have that were not being met? Were you reacting out of fear, woundedness, or reactivity? What drove your behaviour? Did you simply not know any better? With your eyes of wisdom you will be able to see what caused you to behave in such a way. Further, you will then be able to give yourself what you didn’t get but needed so desperately before, be it reassurance, acceptance, safety, love, or a different perspective.

Refusing to forgive yourself keeps you energetically tied to the version of yourself you no longer are.

The fact that you regret something tells you that you have learned from the experience and would choose differently now. That is evolution and something to celebrate! And as always, we wish for you to remember that your growth is what drives the shift on your planet.

If you owe someone an apology, make amends from the hearts and then live authentically from your latest level of attainment. Whether the person accepts your apology or not is their choice and part of their own healing journey.

You are growing and evolving, Dear Ones, and sometimes that can be a messy process. Forgiving yourself allows you to be fully present in your latest expression of self and to lead the way forward with greater mindfulness than ever before, and that is a glorious shift indeed. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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