Daily Message ~ Monday January 26, 2015

Here is a truth for you to consider. If someone needs to change in order to be a satisfactory match for you, it is telling you that they are not a match for you in this right now moment. You will save yourselves a lot of angst and heartache if you can accept people exactly as they are, and make decisions based on if they are a good energetic match to you, in your truth, as you are.

Some people say, “Well Gabriel, I am confused. They say one thing and they do another.” Dear Ones, people are always showing you who they really are by their actions, and how they make you feel. Does this person make you feel loved? Accepted? Honoured? Nurtured? Cared about? What is the overall essence of this relationship? We are not talking about how they treated you long ago. We are talking about how they treat you right now, in your present reality. If this is not a satisfying union why are you accepting so little for yourself? Do you have to step out of self love to continue on with this relationship?

Do not sacrifice your happiness, your joy, your opportunities, waiting for another to change, Dear Ones, because their souls are experiencing exactly what they need to experience at this time, and there is no telling how long they may wish or need to stay in that experience.

Your relationships would be so much more satisfying to you if you accepted others exactly as they are. Isn’t complete and total acceptance based on who you really are what you are seeking, as well? You are all expert energetic sorters and magnetizers, each and every one of you! Listen to that inner knowingness. If you let your truth shine, and allow others into your inner circle who are safe, accepting and in resonance with your truth, you will finally, finally, start to experience the satisfying relationships your heart has been yearning for all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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