Daily Message ~ Monday July 15, 2013

Anxiety is an energy a great many humans are experiencing on your planet at this time. Anxiety is the result of being too focused on the unknown of your future, rather than being in the Now moment. It is also caused by being in accelerated flow without a firm foundation of faith, or before you have embraced stepping into your authentic power as a co-creator of your life expression. Think of how you would feel if you were in a runaway vehicle without any steering. That is exactly the energy of anxiety.

If you are experiencing anxiety in your life, we recommend that you first do some deep breathing to help bring yourself back into the present moment. Look around, truly look at your surroundings and the reality of your Now, and see that you are completely safe and sound. Then, call on your higher power with an affirmation such as, “God is guiding me now.” It does not matter who you call on, so long as it is a being you feel an affinity for. Know such requests are ALWAYS answered. There is no right or wrong way to ask, so do not worry about getting it wrong. If you have a large task in front of you, focus on one thing at a time, prioritizing what needs to be done in each Now moment, rather than looking at the overwhelming whole.

As an ongoing support, we strongly suggest starting to step into your role of conscious co-creator of your life by focusing on what you would like to experience more of and leaving the rest behind. Spending time in activities that help support your energetic clarity such as meditation, walking in nature, yoga, or anything that gives you joy, is also very helpful to keep you calm, centred and present. Extra energetic support in the form of energy healing and balancing can also be very helpful.

Anxiety is affecting record numbers of humanity at this time due to the accelerated energies of your beloved planet. It serves a wonderful purpose because, as always, when people get too uncomfortable to stay the same, they seek empowered change. ~Archangel Gabriel

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