Daily Message ~ Monday July 28, 2014

When you step into your passions, your joys, as your life path rather than seeing them as frivolous activities to be enjoyed while you are young, or if you have absolutely nothing else to do, you begin to embrace who you really are and what you are being led on the planet to do. Because you are honouring your truth and your highest alignment, you become far more powerful in your creations, and the universe responds clearly and quickly to you because you are emanating clarity by honouring your desires with your activities. To deny your truth is to send mixed messages to the universe. To embrace who you are and your unique gifts and purpose is to honour your sacred mission on the planet and live your highest life expression. The path of duty and sacrifice cannot lead you there, because it requires you to deny the self. Only listening to the inner nudging of your heart can lead to your true calling and most satisfying experiences. ~Archangel Gabriel

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