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Daily Message ~ Monday July 3, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Today we answer the question, “Is pain necessary for spiritual growth?”

Well, the answer to that one is, it is until it isn’t. Let me explain.

You are in the body to grow and expand. As human beings, we can become somewhat attached to things staying the same, or get a little too cozy in our comfort zone. And sometimes we will do everything we can try to avoid healing and growth because we think it will be too hard or painful to look at what wishes to be healed.

Your soul will do everything it can to get your attention so you will begin to embrace your growth. It will do that through subtle bumps and nudges, and if that doesn’t work it will begin to get louder until you pay attention. Resisting your growth will always create discomfort, and eventually the discomfort will become so great it will become impossible to stay the same and you will give up your resistance and true growth will occur. This is also known as surrender.

Sometimes you will come into the body with a desire to master a theme, or an intention to profoundly change the direction of your life or purpose along the way, so you will experience some kind of crisis for yourself like the death of a loved one or a major illness for yourself. This will also redirect your life path in a profound way that you likely would not have found had the crisis not occurred.

Whether you get there by a long, slow pattern that leads you to deep discomfort or a sudden crisis that pulls the rug out from underneath you, the pain exists to redirect you. It causes you to question, to explore, to prioritize healing and change, and opens you up in ways that never could have happened had the crisis not occurred. So yes, pain is often the catalyst to growth.

But once you truly embrace your evolutionary journey, pain becomes less of a catalyst because you are now moving willingly into growth and expansion. You can make huge strides on your journey much more comfortably because you are no longer resistant. So pain, in general, is a redirectional tool.

This is not to say that once you are on your spiritual journey, you are never going to experience loss or challenges. Of course you are, those things are a part of life. But you will also have more skills and abilities which will help you navigate them with a much deeper level of understanding which helps you move through them without getting stuck.

To be clear, walking a spiritual path is not about having no emotions. Far from it! It is about becoming consciously aware, honouring and understanding the purpose of your human feelings and experiences while also following the urges of your soul. And it is that willingness to explore and evolve that begins to make the path easier in general because you no longer need extremes to get you to move and grow.

So yes, pain is a necessity until it isn’t. It can open you up in profound ways but it is not meant to be a constant in your life for all your days. Releasing resistance to change and working with surrender and the guidance of your soul can greatly reduce how much pain you experience because you will become adept at recognizing the subtle bumps and nudges and will embrace where they are trying to lead you long before they have to get loud to get your attention.


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