Daily Message ~ Monday July 30, 2012

One of the ways enlightening human beings tend to abuse themselves is through their negative self talk. Why not make a list of all of your wonderful qualities, instead, and understand as you celebrate them, you support the wonderful, unique being you truly are? We will help you get started. You are a piece of divinity, a beloved piece of the whole that is integral to the creation of the New Earth. You are unconditionally loved and supported. You are a miracle of energy, in the body, doing what your soul has craved to do for millennia. You love. You are enlightening. You crave knowledge and are a seeker. You are making a difference. You are supporting the process through your beingness. You shine with your own unique light and purpose. That should get you started. Continue on with all the wonderful qualities that are unique to you! Make a list and read it daily! Celebrate who you really are and you will only attract more and more of what resonates with you. This is what we wish for every single human on the planet because as you finally accept the truth of you and embrace the glory of your being you will be further anchoring the energy that supports the whole ascension process. ~Archangel Gabriel

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