Daily Message ~ Monday June 20, 2016


You have completed the first half of 2016, and all of the shifting and releasing that it has made possible. Congratulations! Take a moment to bask in the light of this day, and embrace the endless possibilities that are possible now that you have energetically locked in all the progress you have made. Take a moment to acknowledge the courageous capability that has brought you to this point! It’s a wonderful day to stop, honour yourselves, thank your guides and helpers and have a moment of gratitude for your role in this great Shift on your planet. It is also an ideal time to consider what you would like to create moving forward from this new energetic platform. You are celebrated for all that you have done, and all that you will continue to do! You are all doing such a spectacular job, both individually and collectively, and are loved beyond measure. ~Archangel Gabriel

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