Daily Message ~ Monday March 6, 2017


One of the ways human beings hold themselves back the most is by assuming they are wrong, broken, or in some other state that is completely unsatisfactory. This is self judgment, which immediately throws you into a state of resistance to yourself.

Just as a child has growth pains as their bodies continue to expand and evolve, there will be times in your own growth and evolutionary process that may feel uncomfortable as your body is integrating energetic change.

This is a normal part of the process. If you start to berate and judge yourself as being wrong and add your own resistance to self to the mix, you will only be adding to your own discomfort and exacerbating your symptoms.

It amounts to self abuse, which is so contrary to the beautiful process of ascension you are going through – a process so sacred, divine, and beautiful it is a great honour to be on the planet experiencing it as it is something you have worked towards for millennia.

Dear Ones, we urge you to be kind and gentle with yourselves. Celebrate the wonder that is you! See your symptoms as proof that the shift is happening. Love and nurture yourself through the process and you will find it so much more enjoyable.

As you continue to move forward through the shift you will find that acceptance is a vital key to all aspects of your enlightenment process, so why not start experiencing the ease, comfort, and healing it has to offer you today? ~Archangel Gabriel

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