Daily Message ~ Monday May 10, 2021

Many enlightening human beings have trouble receiving. We have spoken of this before many times. One reason why people have trouble receiving we haven’t spoken of before is having a distrust of ease.

Do you distrust when things start to come together with ease? Do you immediately wait for the “other shoe to drop”? Do you think if things come together easily for you they will fall apart, others will judge you, or you will pay for it in some unpleasant way in the end?

This is all very tied into the martyred service paradigm, a paradigm you are in the process of evolving beyond. Do you feel you have to struggle to be worthy? Do you cling to expressions like, “no pain, no gain”? Are you afraid of being deemed not deserving enough for your gains or being perceived as lazy?

Dear Ones, ease is simply moving with the flow. It is deciding to move with the energies instead of exhausting yourself working against them. It is allowing yourself to be sustained, loved, and guided by the energies of Source. It is not about cutting corners or taking the easy way out of anything. It is deciding to trust and go with what is being supported for you willingly, and that is a glorious thing, indeed. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce that I’ve put my latest course, Evolving Beyond Codependency on sale for $99 (regular price is $149). This is a major theme that is up for healing and balancing and this course is designed to help you do just that. It is a series of 5 mp3’s you work through at your own pace. Each class has a lecture portion followed by a guided meditation to support the class lesson. And there’s also a bonus document that contains 25 messages Gabriel has offered on the topic that you can refer back to whenever you might feel you need a little reminder or extra support! You can read the full course description below. The course is so new it’s not up on the website yet so if you would like to purchase, just email me at partnershipwithspirit@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to get you all set up.

 Evolving Beyond Codependency

As we have navigated our way through the pandemic, the past year has presented us with some of the most challenging energies we have ever experienced on our planet. We have been in a profound space of in-between and not knowing as we find ourselves wrapping up the old but not yet fully connected into the new. So much is coming up for examination, healing, and release in order to fully step into the next exciting phase of our incarnation. 

One of the aspects that have been most up for examination is our relationships with others. As we are looking to shift from 3D into 5D and beyond, the ways we relate with each other will also evolve. Old ways that simply do not work any more have created deep discomfort for us. Many of us have seen people leave our lives, either by transitioning out of the body or by choosing to take a separate path, and this has created a deep sense of mourning and loss. 

On top of that the energies have been shifting profoundly, making it impossible to avoid what we may have been putting off on our healing journey. Being forced to slow down has created the space for us to sit with our feelings, to discover how out of balance we may have been, and to finally tackle what we may have been putting off but is necessary as the next step of our evolution. Simply put we just can’t drag the old with us into the new…nor do we want to. 

So how did we get here? How did being so far out of balance become societally accepted? Misconceptions about love, service, and what is noble, societal conditioning, old belief systems, fear of judgment and abandonment, and energetic sensitivities without the tools to manage them, are just a few of the reasons so many of us have found ourselves exhausted and dismayed that we can’t find our way into the life expressions we know are possible and we deserve. In fact, we can feel our souls calling us forward to them! 

Evolving Beyond Codependency – Creating the Foundation for Healthier Relationships

During this course we will be looking at all the contributing factors, exploring tools and techniques to help you shift out of the old habits of 3D love and codependency into much healthier interdependency that supports the empowerment and expansion of everyone involved.

Class One – How did we get here?

In this class we explore:

What exactly is codependency?

Why do we take on other people’s stuff?

Abusive or disempowering beginnings

The empath/narcissist dynamic

Negative focus or troubleshooting mode

Service contracts

Fear of judgement

The shift from 3D to 5D empowerment

Practical exercise: Pearly white bubble meditation

Class Two – Where do we begin? Creating the Foundation for Change

In this class we explore:

Why do we want to shift our relationships?

Addressing overwhelm

Self love

Self Forgiveness

Getting more comfortable with our sensitivities

Getting real with ourselves

Practical exercise: Meditation to integrate our wounded inner children and/or soul     fragments

Class Three – Implementing Change

In this class we explore:

Healthy boundaries

Action steps – dangerous situations

Actions steps – non-emergency situations

What if they leave or won’t change?

Getting real about our relationships

Navigating future decisions

Stepping back and the power of empowerment

Being willing to receive

Staying strong

Practical exercise: Meditation to update soul contracts and creating a communication area

Class Four – Holding the Space

In this class we explore:

Why holding the space is important

Understanding fear and doubt

Being tested and the importance of consistency

How to tell if someone has truly changed

What if people get triggered?

What I get triggered?

Knowing when to step in

Shifting your focus

Holding the space for yourself

Practical exercise: Meditation to experience your wisdom, worthiness, progress, and shifting onto new energetic layers

Class Five – What is possible now?

What to expect moving forward

Shifting timelines

Sovereignty and the new earth

The divine combination

Healthy interdependency

Practical exercise: Meditation to experience the elements of the divine combination and how they work together to shift you and the planet into unconditional love and unity consciousness, which is the basis of healthier interdependency and our highest expression of self.

Bonus – 25 Channeled Messages from Gabriel

Included in this course is a bonus document that is a compilation of 25 past daily messages Gabriel has given about the course material that you can easily refer back for a little extra support whenever you may need it.


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