Daily Message ~ Monday November 16, 2015

Dear Ones, we cannot stress this enough. It is wonderful for you to seek – to consult with psychics and channels, to read or listen to information in a desire to have guidance on your path. We love that you are growing and evolving and educating yourselves! Your desire for knowledge is a big part of your evolution process and we commend you it.

Where your search for knowledge becomes problematic is when it creates confusion in you. If you are getting a lot of information from different sources that is conflicting, it can be difficult to know how to proceed.

Hear us when we say you are always the expert on you. Take what resonates, what feels good to you, and leave the rest behind! It is through listening to your innate wisdom, the part of you that knows your truth and is your inner GPS, that you will find the perfect experiences for you. To blindly listen to the advice of another is to give your power away. To allow your own knowingness to lead is to step into your authentic power.

We understand you are cautious because you do not wish to make mistakes. Dear Ones, there are no mistakes, only experiences! If you try something and it is not a match to who you really are, you will know very quickly, then you can simply try something else. That is how you grow and evolve, and that is a glorious part of being in the body – being in the realm of experience.

So we would say to you, as you navigate your life expression, to follow the path that brings you joy, that uplifts you, that allows you to experience more of yourself and your truth. If you do not know what your truth is, try something that feels like a good place to start and know you will sort it out from there. You are all on a self-correcting path, meaning, if something is not a match to you, you will become very uncomfortable in record time and then you will choose again. As mindful and sensitive beings you will make mindful and sensitive choices. ~Archangel Gabriel

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