Daily Message ~ Monday October 12, 2020

What resets you? What activity helps you move back into balance and remember what you know? What allows you to settle into your beingness and navigate from there? What keeps you in your heart, in your surrender, faith, flow, and trust?

You are in particularly intense times energetically. Prioritizing your spiritual practices is essential to helping you stay anchored in your truth. It may not seem like you can make much of a difference, but every time you can stay in that alignment you become a stabilizing point on a planet that is in the throes of change.

It is an essential part of your service and purpose, and how you become a consistent source of love in action for yourself and the whole. Such service is simple and profound and far more effective than you realize. Taking the time to make a plan and commitment to incorporate these practices as part your daily wellness now will serve you well as you finish out the rest of this transformative year. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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