Daily Message ~ Monday September 8, 2014

Dear Ones, unity consciousness means honouring each person as a vital and divine part of the whole. But you still get to have preferences on who you choose to spend your time with. It does not mean that you must continue to expose yourself to people who do not know how to treat you well.

Your inner circle is a sacred place! It is where you are most open energetically. It is vital for you to have a safe place to BE, to nurture yourself, expand, grow, commune and support your balance and connectedness.

You can love others and still be energetically discerning. Healthy boundaries support everyone, so do not be afraid to make the ticket of admission to your inner circle be love, honour, respect, and acceptance. Strive to give those same attributes to anyone who offers you entrance to their sacred spaces, as well. To do so is to support the flow of beingness between each other, to celebrate your individual authenticity, and to live in a way that honours yourselves, and each other, and the energetic choices each human is free to make. ~Archangel Gabriel

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