cheers trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday September 9, 2019

Most of you have been conditioned to live your lives on high alert, always on the lookout for what is wrong or not working. This has been passed down to you from other generations, where survival was threatened on a continual basis, and is the focus of those who fear victimization.

Dear Ones, one of the most prevalent aspects of the shift of consciousness you are part of is moving beyond victim consciousness into your authentic power. As such, your focus can also shift from what is wrong or threatening, into what is right and supportive.

What if, starting today, your focus shifted onto what is wonderful in your lives, onto what you love and appreciate about others, onto the things you can connect with in others?  What if you consciously started to celebrate the many blessings in your lives, the magic, the wonder, the support, the love that is all around you if you have eyes that choose to see it?

You can’t expect to receive what you desire if you only look at what you don’t want from a catalogue. Your focus is your blessing of continuation. It is how you give your energetic feedback to the universe and express your personal preferences. We highly suggest you start to celebrate all the wonderful things that are working for you right now and are reflections of your own mastery and empowered choices. To do so will expand your life into an even greater celebration of co-creation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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