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Daily Message ~ Saturday April 11, 2020

Dear Ones, great transformational changes often follow what you recognize as the stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. You may notice that profound energetic shifts in your lives have followed the same pattern. Enlightening human beings, through the process of the surrender, faith, flow, trust model, become more adept at moving through these phases. As with all things it is a skill you can hone as your honour each stage as part of the transformational process.

The pandemic, with its profound impact and changes it will bring, involves this process. Each step must be acknowledged and moved through. Because you have associated the process to be specific to grief rather than transformation in general, many of you have been feeling the energy of grief as you navigate the ups and downs of how the pandemic is affecting both you and the whole.

There is also the life review process that many of you are going through as you wrap up the first phase of your incarnation, that comes with an association of ending and new beginnings. The emotions you are feeling, both individually and collectively, are all essential phases of the transformational process you are  you are all part of.

Because of the many associations with grief this pandemic is bringing up, the lungs are being affected in many as that is the area of the body where unprocessed grief tends to manifest. If you are feeling grief, sit with it, acknowledge it, love yourself through it, and know it is proof positive that you are in a process of profound transformation.

How long it takes people to move through each stage is unique to the individual. Some will move through it very quickly, while others may take a bit longer. What we wish for you to know is that many of you are entering the acceptance phase, and from there you will be much better able to discover and receive the gifts that are there to serve you as you prepare to emerge through the other side of it all, forever changed and fully ready to step into the next phase of your journey. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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