Daily Message ~ Saturday August 26, 2017

Dear Ones, we are always available to you.  Always.  As you will experience us most times as a subtle energy, your ability to sense our presence largely depends on your level of awareness.

Being psychic, more than anything else, starts with being self aware.  How can you tell if there are changes around you if you do not know how you feel in the first place?  Check in with yourself.  Are you warm or are you cold?  Do you have any sensations to note in your body?  Once you have made yourself aware of how you are feeling, then ask us to make our presence known to you.

What happens now?  Are there changes?  You may feel warm.  You may feel a breeze.  You may feel goosebumps.  You may feel tingling on top of your head.  You may simply feel loved or heart expansion.  You may feel a cool, mentholated sensation that is almost minty as you breathe in (this is called the breath or kiss of an angel).  Pay attention to the differences as this will become very recognizable as you consciously begin to work with us.

If there are no changes that you can discern, that is okay too!  Spirit energies are subtle energies.  So many of you have been taught to not pay attention to those types of energies, to dismiss them as “just your imagination”.  Be kind and gentle with yourself as you dust off those abilities that have been denied for so long and start to use them again.  It may take some practice until you start to really feel energy again.  You can always ask to receive energetic adjustment so that you can experience them more and more.

We want to work with you!  If you do not feel anything just yet, simply pay attention throughout your day.  Watch for angel signs such as feathers, pennies, butterflies, clouds, or anything else that feels pertinent to you.  See how the answer to your request to experience us may come in other, magical ways that are absolutely perfect for you at that moment.

This is something anyone can do.  We are available to each and every person on the planet.  All that is required is your desire to connect and your willingness to stay open and aware enough to recognize the subtle signs that occur.  If you do that, they will only strengthen over time, as our working relationship with each other deepens and opens up in the most wonderful ways.  That is our greatest joy – to assist you, to love you, and to guide you, in whatever ways you will allow. ~Archangel Gabriel

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