Daily Message ~ Saturday February 8, 2014

A great many of you have been hurt and, as a result, have become hyper alert to the energy that hurt you. It might have been a betrayal, a trait that someone carried that you found impossible to deal with, or any other type of experience that didn’t honour you. In your deep desire to never experience that aspect again, you remain on high alert to it ever happening. The problem with that is through your hyper vigilant focus, you are ensuring that the very thing you wish to avoid will continue to happen again and again.

We understand this is a difficult thing for you to understand. Many of you become very upset, wondering how you could be so cursed to experience the same thing, over and again. Dear Ones, hear us when we say this. Whether you are focused on what you do not want, or never experiencing what you do not want again, the central focus is on what you do not want.

A far more empowered approach is to learn from an experience, decide whether it honoured or not, and then use it as a tool to more clearly define what you DO want. For example, if you have had issues with infidelity, you do not wish to attract a partner who does not cheat. You wish to attract someone who is faithful and loyal and of integrity. Do you see?

You must make sure that you are not energetically holding the very thing you do not wish to experience again, whether through your own habits or through your own fears and negative focus. By holding the traits you wish to experience, and focusing on the positive aspects of what you wish to create anew, you will be in a much more empowered space to start drawing to you relationships that are far more in line with what you truly want. ~Archangel Gabriel

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