Daily Message ~ Saturday January 16, 2016

Dear Ones, we encourage you to think of your life expression as a buffet of experience. There are many, many options – some will appeal, others will not. You may try new things and love them, and try others and decide you do not like them at all. You may be in the mood for one thing one day, and a completely different option another day. No one is judging you, it is simply choice.

If you allow yourself to approach your life in such a way, you will give yourself permission to have a far broader spectrum of experience based on your unique personal preferences, which will allow you to further know yourself, and feel far more satisfied in your life expression. Allowing yourself to choose is giving yourself freedom to self express, which will always lead to expansion and growth, which is what your soul is naturally seeking.

Do you see? We are saying that you hold the keys to the freedom your soul craves, and you move into that freedom by honouring your true preferences and desires. ~Archangel Gabriel

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