Daily Message ~ Saturday July 1, 2017

Your holidays are so rejuvenative to you because they are days filled with expansion and joy. Because you are navigating the day through enjoyment and flow, you become much more present and expansive. What would happen if you started to infuse your day to day life with those same elements?

What would happen if you asked yourself, “What would bring me joy?” every single day and then made a point of adding that element into your routine? We will tell you. Your health would improve. Your mood would improve. You would become lighter and much more joyful. You would experience satisfaction much more consistently in your life. You would prepave your tomorrows to be far better matches to you through your presence and appreciation.

Living a life with sporadic enjoyment was never the plan for you, Dear Ones. Your interests are there to help you navigate your life expressions. So live. Experience. Follow the joy. That is what we wish more than anything else for you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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