Daily Message ~ Saturday June 13, 2015

Your old belief systems are so limiting! When you believe things are so black or white, you miss out on the myriad of possibilities in between. For example, you think you work during the week and you enjoy life on the weekend. Why on earth would you accept such a model? Why would you accept only having the potential for enjoyment two days out of a whole week?

Why not step back and take an observant viewpoint of what you have accepted for yourselves? Many belief systems are so deeply ingrained, they run in the background, much like a virus on your computer that has not been discovered, affecting the ease and joy of your experience. How are you limiting yourself? How are you accepting much less than what your true potential is? How are you playing it small? What opportunities are you missing due to beliefs you have adopted that likely were not even yours in the first place?

Thrive, Dear Ones! Enjoy! Live! Create new paradigms, new beliefs. Know that if you try something and it doesn’t feel right for you, you can try something else. Grab the reins and guide your life expression in a way that delights you! You are in the realm of experience for a reason. ~Archangel Gabriel

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