Daily Message ~ Saturday May 21, 2016

When you think about the idea of life unfolding with ease, what comes up for you? Do you immediately think that is something that can’t happen for you? Or that it sounds unrealistic? Or perhaps stirs up negative emotions and fears, like to do so would make you lazy?

Think to a time in your life when everything came together with ease. Perhaps you were creating something and entered into what you would call a zone, where it just flowed effortlessly, where everything fell into place beautifully and you accomplished so much joyfully in a short amount of time. How did you feel then? Did it feel magical, and supported? Was anything about that experience negative?

Your inspired creations come from ease and flow. They come from an alignment between you and Source energy. They are the result of the greatest use of the energy available to you combined with your own creative force. That is what we call the sweet spot – that perfect combination of surrender and flow, support and creation, for your highest good.

The supported flow of creation is something that is available to you all the time. You may not believe it, Dear Ones, but it will become your preferred method of doing things over the coming months and years, so why not drop the struggle and embrace this far more efficient, far more satisfying way of being now? ~Archangel Gabriel

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