Daily Message ~ Saturday November 17, 2012

The idea that you are powerless is one of the greatest illusions those of the human experience have bought into.  You are incredibly powerful.  As you are working on releasing your issues around power, many of you have a fear of being powerless and an even bigger fear of being powerful.  Dear Ones, it is time to move beyond these old issues!  Embrace the beauty of your authentic power!  You have all had many, many lifetimes experiencing what power is not.  Now is the time to fully experience what it is.  There is nothing to fear!  You see, whether you wish to accept it or not, you are all creating every aspect of your life expression, so you are already using that power.  Why not embrace that fact and truly start to create willingly, mindfully, beautifully?  There is nothing more glorious and magical to behold than a human being finally accepting their truth and embracing their authentic power and endless capacity to create.  ~Archangel Gabriel

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