Daily Message ~ Saturday November 28, 2015

Dear Ones, your soul will always seek freedom and expansion, as that is the way of the universe. Anything other than that will ultimately lead you to experience discomfort.

How do you keep yourself constrained and contained? Are you still operating from fear? Separation? Resistance? Control? We find it interesting that people refer to sameness as their comfort zone, because from our viewpoint it ends up not being very comfortable at all!

Understand your natural state is to flow and to grow. It is through those means that you will stay engaged in life, and find ever new and wonderful ways to discover and define yourselves. That is the glory of being in the body, on the planet, and we urge you to embrace the myriad of opportunities you have, right now, to further get to know yourselves in the realm of experience you call earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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