Daily Message ~ Saturday September 16, 2017

So many of you think you need to reach a certain level of attainment before you can be of service. Dear Ones, every single action you take that comes from a space of love is service, for it emanates that energy. Small, consistent, choices of love is exactly what is driving the shift on your planet.

So do not think that you are not assisting, or that you do not do enough! The spontaneous hug you give to someone is an emanation of love. Moving an earthworm off a sidewalk is an emanation of love. Praying for peace is an emanation of love. Being patient and kind is an emanation of love. Opening a door for another is an emanation of love. Continuing on your healing, enlightenment journey is an emanation of love.

Do you see? You are powerful in the choices of self expression you make every single day. Love is an action that requires nothing other than your decision to be its expression today. ~Archangel Gabriel

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