Daily Message ~ Saturday September 29, 2012

You have been working so hard, gathering knowledge and teachings. What has it all been for? For this moment, right here, right now. Dear Ones, why do you think your soul led you to that book, that class, that skill, that healing modality? In preparation of the times you are in! You have everything you need! You always did, you were simply remembering the unique skill set you were going to apply this time around. The preparation stage is over. It is now time for you to apply all that wonderful knowledge, not just sporadically, but in your day to day life. Let us give it to you this way. If you had worked hard learning all about the body and life saving techniques in order to become a paramedic and be of service, you would hardly stand at the scene of an emergency and not step into that service, would you? Of course you wouldn’t! You would immediately jump into your role of helper soul to the very best of your ability, thankful for the fact that you knew what to do. It is the same for your humanity and your beloved Gaia. Now is the time to step up and apply those skills you have so lovingly learned. ~Archangel Gabriel

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