Daily Message ~ Sunday April 23, 2017

Dear Ones, going with the flow does not mean abdicating your power or denying your wants and needs in order to get along with or please others. That would be giving your power away, and the true meaning of flow would be moving in the ways that best match and empower you. So to be clear the expression “go with the flow” really is saying “go with your flow”.

When you honour your flow, you find others who naturally resonate with the unique interests and energies of that flow, and before you know it you are having a far more satisfying life experience than you ever thought possible.

We are not suggesting you become selfish or obstinate. We are encouraging you to honour your wants, needs, and preferences, as well as honouring the right of others to do the same. When you do things you do not want to do consistently for others, you start to resent them, which erodes your relationships.

When you connect with people over preferences, and encourage others to follow their true desires, you experience freedom and joyful connection, which far better serves your relationships with others, and with yourselves.

And more than anything else, following your flow is following the beckoning of your soul, which allows you to best serve others, as well. It is a system that honours everyone in shining in their truth and authenticity for the greatest good of all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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