Daily Message ~ Sunday December 4, 2016


It is true that sometimes difficult people will show up in your life to mirror to you what you need to work on. But they can also show up momentarily in your life to help you see how far you’ve come. How would you ever know how much you had grown if you never had a means to measure it by? As you continue to evolve you will always be getting opportunities to see how you can view and handle things differently based on your newest level of mastery.

From this viewpoint you will be able to see that everything serves you, even the challenging situations. As you continue on your enlightenment journey you will get better and better at handling those situations and they will become more sporadic. Do not put untoward pressure on yourself or make yourself wrong for having an experience. You are all growing and evolving in the speed and ways that are perfect for you. Rest assured you will eventually be able to see it all through the lens of love, for love is always the base you will return to. ~Archangel Gabriel

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