Daily Message ~ Sunday February 1, 2015

The days where you can flow into what brings you the most joy are always the best days for you. This is why you enjoy your weekends and vacations so much. You can enter into the flow at the start of the day, and navigate it strictly by what will be fun or satisfying for you, by whatever it is you may like to experience, which supports you in staying fully present, happy, and grateful for your circumstances.

This is why we encourage you to follow your passions, to choose only career paths that bring you joy – because it will allow you to stay in the flow of what you love, leading to far greater satisfaction with your life. Finding and following your purpose will shift you from living a day to day existence of resistance and wishing your life away to get to the next day off, to fully embracing all of your days, and that is what we wish for you, always. ~Archangel Gabriel

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