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Daily Message ~ Sunday February 11, 2018

It is perfectly normal to feel some discomfort and anxiety when being presented with new, fast moving energies. It is much like being on skates and being propelled forward before you have established your balance.

But if you don’t panic and start testing out how to move with the energy, getting your body to relax and find where the balance points are, before you know it you will be gliding along with a level of skill and ease you couldn’t have imagined possible.

You have assimilated and shifted a tremendous amount of energy over the past several years. You are embodying energies that simply would not have been sustainable in the body a mere decade ago. You have this skill!

Trust in the fact that you have the divine intelligence within your body to evolve – your body and your lightbody know exactly what they are doing. Your job is to support them in that evolution by being non-resistant, letting them take the lead, and honouring what they ask for.

So flow, Dear Ones! Celebrate whenever you are presented with new energies because it indicates success in integration and the fact that the next level is now available to you. Have faith in your incredible competency, and know that your energetic mastery just continues to grow and hone itself, as you continue to move forward in the most remarkable ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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