Daily Message ~ Sunday February 12, 2017


All great changes happen a little bit at a time. If you find an area of your life very out of balance, (common examples are the areas of self love, giving/receiving, relationship dynamics, and appropriate boundaries, or any other area where you consistently give your power away), it is very stressful, daunting, and often unrealistic to expect yourself to suddenly swing into a perfectly healthy expression of that particular area. It took a while to get that out of balance so it will likely be too much to expect yourself to right it all in one swoop.

But what you can do, is start to integrate healthier, conscious choices, bit by bit, to move yourself towards your goal. This will help you to gradually become more comfortable with moving into and assimilating those energies, and before you know it you will have created healthier habits that accumulate into profound and empowering healing and change that are so much more in line with what you desire and deserve.

Evolution is a process, Dear Ones, and one that can be done bit by bit to ensure your comfort and success. By taking it a little at a time you will give yourself practice and experience which will, in turn, create positive momentum. What small changes can you start to incorporate into your life on a consistent basis that would honour your tender soul and your highest intentions? ~Archangel Gabriel

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