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Daily Message ~ Sunday February 24, 2019

Many enlightening human beings have had life expressions that have involved them seemingly carrying all of the weight. This is because they have come onto the planet with service contracts and have tried to honour those contracts with the martyred service paradigm.

You are now all understanding that your service was never intended to leave you out of the care and love you have so generously given. You are starting to include yourselves in your unconditional love, and starting to come out of your solitary existences and connect with others again.

Because of the heavy lifting of the first phase of your incarnation, many of you are afraid to shine your brightest and move into your expansion because of old fears. You may believe that you will be persecuted if you step forward in a more visible way, or that it will only add to your burden. It is essential to release these fears as you move forward into the next phase of your incarnation.

What if you could embrace new potentials and possibilities that allow your service to be not only bigger but easier? What if you released martyred service for joyful, supported service? The assistance will always be there for you if you make room for it and are willing to accept it.  This is about moving into the flow of both giving AND receiving.

The easiest way to move into a new way of being is stepping into incrementally. If you have a fear of shining brightly we suggest you create a new affirmation or mission statement that directly addresses that. We suggest something along the lines of, “It is safe to shine a little brighter every day and it feels wonderful in every way.”

You can have it all, Dear Ones. You can honour your deep commitment to service in a way that is expansive, connected, joyful, satisfying, supported, safe, and empowering to all.  In fact, that is the shift from separation to wholeness your soul simply cannot wait to make. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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